Applicability :-

Business whose turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakhs in any financial year (Rs 10 lakhs in North Eastern States).


Government expecting about 8 million taxpayers will be migrated from various platforms into GST. All of these businesses will be assigned a unique Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN).

Casual Registration :-

Person supplying goods and/or services does not have a fixed place of business. Such person will be treated as a casual taxable person under GST.

(Example:- person having place of business at Raipur supplying taxable services in Delhi where he has no place of business would be treated as a casual taxable person in Delhi)

Composition Dealer :-

Small businesses having turnover less than Rs. 50 lakhs shall opt for Composition scheme where they will be taxed at a nominal rate of 1% (Traders) or 2.50% (for manufacturers) CGST and SGST each (rates will be notified later).
There will be Lower burden to maintain detailed records and Return would be filed Quarterly.
Composition Dealer will issue Bill of Supply instead of tax invoices,, they are required to pay the tax out of their own pocket & shall not claim for any input tax credit.
It is not available for interstate sellers, e-commerce traders & operators, etc.

Migration to GST :-

All existing Central Excise, Service Tax assesses & VAT dealers will have to be migrated to GST, for which assessees would be provided a Provisional ID and Password by CBEC/ VAT Departments.
Only the assessees having valid Pan associated with their registration would be issued Provisional IDs.

Assessee could not be provided a Provisional ID in the following cases:

  1. The PAN associated with the registration is not valid.
  2. The PAN is registered with a State Tax authority and Provisional ID has been supplied by the said State Tax authority.
  3. Multiple CE/ST registrations on the same PAN in a State.( only one Provisional ID would be issued).

The Provisional ID and Password is used to login into the GST Common Portal ( & Assessee is required to fill and submit Form 20 to get migrated.

Penalties for non registration under GST :-

Offender not paying tax or making short payments (for genuine reasons) has to pay penalty @ 10% of the tax amount (minimum of Rs.10,000). In case of Deliberate fraud the penalty will be high at 100% of the tax amount.

Multiple Registrations Under GST :-

There will be State-wise registration under GST, A person with multiple business verticals in different states should obtain separate registration for each business vertical.

PAN is mandatory to apply for GST registration (except for a non-resident person who can get GST registration on the basis of other documents).

A registration which has been rejected under CGST Act/SGST Act shall also stand rejected for the purpose of SGST/CGST act.